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Thoughts Are Things

September 20, 2008

I have heard that perception is reality. To me that means that pure, actual reality is happening all around me, but I never see it, not really. I am separated from it by the imperfect lens of my perception – although it might be more accurate to say I am protected from it by the shield of my perception.

In that sense, I have to say no, perception is not reality. Yes, my lens is imperfect, and I love how I can shape my world through the practiced use of selective perception. Yes, perception filters our experience of reality, but I think that our link to pure, actual reality is a little more personal than that.

There is a fundamental, transcendent Creator that exists apart from the physical universe of space and time. Its existence does not depend on our perception, nor does its form or its character.

And then there is Creation. Creation, by design, is a pool of unlimited potentiality. It is a state of ordered chaos in which all things that can be imagined are possible. In this place, perception filters reality, but our thoughts (and the thoughts of God) create it.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts have the property of bringing things from the pool of unlimited potentiality into existence. Isn’t it true? Of course there is the ordinary link between what we think and what happens. First the idea, then the action, then the result. I think everyone would agree on that.

What I am referring to is something a little harder to accept. What I am saying is that there also exists a direct link between what we think about and what happens. First the idea, then the result. Automatic. No action required. Before you brush this aside, what about positive thinking? Don’t we all believe in the power of positive thinking?

This idea puts prayer into a different light. Why would God set up a system that would chain him to his throne, forever having to listen to our needs and desires, innundated by one prayer wave after another? I don’t know, but I think there is another possibility. I think God created a system that allows us more control (and demands more responsibility) than that. Prayer works, just not for the reason that many people think.

When we pray (or meditate or hope or send out positive vibes… whatever) our thoughts shape events and change people’s lives because of the system God set up, not because God himself somehow grants your request. God is our father, but not our daddy. We were created in his image with the power to create – and destroy.

When you pray, I am sure that God hears you – if that is your intent. He knows your needs will be met and that all things will, in the end, work out for you, because that is how he set up the system. The reset value – the default setting – is for you to be whole.

So when you pray, do it however you feel comfortable. Be specific and if you can visualize what you want, so much the better. However, be careful how you pray. A prayer full of need only serves to reinforce that need.

If you pray “I need money” or “please give me money”, the message you are sending into that pool of infinite possibility is that you are broke. The universe will then work to make it as you have spoken, and you will tend to remain broke. Remember, the Bible says that God spoke the universe into existence.

Instead, imagine yourself as already having what you need or desire! Picture yourself paying the bill you are concerned about. Pray as if you already had the money. Thank God or the universe (or the lotto) for sending the money in time. This is where faith comes in, for it is really our faith, more than our thoughts, which make reality.