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Light Through a Prism

September 11, 2008

Many times I have noted the hand of a higher power move in my life. I think we all experience this, but in our infinite variability, each of us interprets the hand in a different way. Some call it luck, or fate, karma, providence, whatever – each of us filters life through a unique sieve. However, our so-called differences are really just individual facets of the same Truth. Think of it as light through a prism; one light, many colors. One crystal, many facets. One creator, many creations.

And if there is one creator, then each of us represents one of the many creations. We are more alike than different, really. It doesn’t matter what we choose to label ourselves and others. In all the ways that really matter, we are all the same.

Is God a Muslim? How about a Hindu? Or a Buddhist? Maybe God is Jewish.

If God is not a member of one of those major world religions, then perhaps God is a Christian. If that is so, then God must be a Baptist, right? Or maybe a Catholic. Or a Pentecostal. Wait, I know. God is a member (in good standing) of the Ezekiel Ebenezer Greater Tabernacle Community Ministry, Reformed.

Now that we have determined God’s religious faith, I have to ask another question. Is God black? If not black then God must be white. No? How about red? Perhaps God is the color of a Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam at Starbucks – after you stir it up of course.

Is God a man? A woman? Is God a Republican or a Democrat? Gay? Straight? Do you really think God cares about this petty nonsense? God doesn’t recognize labels! Labels are temporary, limiting, illusory constructs that only describe the surface of what we are. Labels tend to divide and distract us.

God couldn’t care less what religion you claim to follow. Nor the color of your skin, nor your sex or even your sexual preference. I don’t claim to know what God does care about because there is no way to prove that for sure. I may not be able to see God directly, or know for sure what God wants from me, but there is something I can see and know – right here, with my own eyes.

I see people, all different yet all the same. People want nothing more than to live in peace, love their children, eat, work, and play in freedom. Aren’t these the things that you most desire? If it is true that God created us in God’s image, then it would follow that these simple things are what God desires as well.

So the next time you note the hand of a higher power moving in your life, mark it well and know that many times we are the hand that moves. The decisions we make every day inevitably change the world, inch by inch, for better or worse. Love your neighbors.