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Intelligent Creationism

September 22, 2008

I don’t know why people argue about opinions. Opinions are like crazy relatives. Everyone has one and none of them is quite right.

For example, the argument between creationists and evolutionists makes me crazy. Grossly simplified, creationists believe that God created the universe, with life pretty much the way it is now, about 6,000 years ago. Evolutionists believe that the universe was formed billions of years ago by the Big Bang, and that life evolved spontaneously from that event.

First of all, are these really the only two choices? Darwin’s disciples scoff at the Christians, dismissing them as zealots – nothing more than mindless religious fundamentalists. The faithful dismiss the scientists, thinking they are lost in spiritual darkness. I think that both the creationists and the evolutionists are religious fundamentalists. Both are lost in blinkered darkness. Both are intolerant of contrary opinions, blind to any position but their own. Both are apt to sweep any dissuading evidence under the carpet of dogma.

I propose a compromise, not only because I like compromises, but because in most cases a compromise actually comes closer to the truth. This may not be a new idea, but it is something I have thought about for a very long time. It is an idea I call “Intelligent Creationism”.

Assuming there is a creator, isn’t it possible that he created the universe by way of the Big Bang?

Maybe that is how he chose to get this party started. In this version of intelligent design, God set up a perpetual system of natural and spiritual laws that would govern the formation of the stars and the planets and of life itself. Among the many processes that God set into place was evolution. So if it is the case that Homo sapiens evolved from lower forms of life, then perhaps that was how God intended it to be.

So stop fighting about it. Maybe you are both wrong, or right.


Before the Big Bang

September 10, 2008

I heard that scientists at CERN successfully tested the new Large Hadron Collider today. Assuming further testing is successful, the scientists will attempt to recreate the conditions that existed immediately after the Big Bang. According to this story, they hope to answer questions about the origin of the universe. (Scientists are pretty sure that any black holes they create will be too tiny to swallow up the Earth.)

Wow. Going back to that instant, that sharp crack when it all began! What a great achievement if they are successful. I wonder what it would be like to approach the Big Bang itself?

Looking at it another way, let us suppose we can reverse time and watch the universe begin to shrink; contracting faster and faster until finally everything – the entire universe – is in one place. Like salmon swimming back to where they were born, the stars crowd towards the center of the universe. As we follow along we begin to feel a beat like the pulse of the cosmos, and hear it counting backwards. Three, two, one, and now, as the countdown approaches zero, the entire universe is breathed into a single point in space. The singularity. The Big Bang. The film has been rewound right back to the very first frame. Are you there with me?

This is the place where we meet up with those scientists – a microsecond after the Big Bang. Now, let us suppose that we can go back just a bit further, to a microsecond before the Big Bang. Suppose we were allowed a peek at what caused the Big Bang, a look at what (or who) came before?

What would we find?