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Have you read the page about me? If you plan to flame me, please read it before continuing.

If you still want to contact me, feel free to agree or disagree. Don’t worry, I won’t bite. If you have something to say, perhaps you should consider leaving a comment instead (or do both) so other readers can benefit from your ideas as well.

Use this link to contact the babbling baboon:


3 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Tony Diehl Says:

    Hi Bill, Fascinating

  2. spudsie Says:

    Bill- Just ran into your blog today. I gotta say, you seem to have a better grasp on God than a good many Christians I know. You seem to see a lot of the “common sense” stuff that gets missed when we Christians become overly focused on an issue/topic/battle and lose sight of God’s love for all humanity. Keep tossing those common sense reminders out there!

  3. imabbb Says:

    Thanks guys.

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