Does Religion Have It Backwards?

When people mindlessly delegate their spiritual belief system to the pages of an old book (or the words of a religious leader) they insult the creator. Why? Because if God created us in his own image (with intelligence, curiosity, reason, and capacity for logic), then he himself must possess these traits. Furthermore, it follows that he must value them as well.

How disappointing it must be to the creator when someone pushes these wonderful gifts aside to blindly follow the written or oral words of mere mortals, disregarding the tools that God himself provided to examine the world and discern the truth.

Here is a thought to ponder. Religious people generally think that accepting their creed differentiates them from others, those they call unbelievers, infidels, pagans, heretics and the like. I agree! Unfortunately, I think they have it backwards.

Who is the wheat and who the chaff? Perhaps God created religion to find out who among us would be willing to shirk the moral obligation to personally seek him. Perhaps God wanted to see who would have the courage to reject religion and question the status quo (much the same way Jesus was reported to have done when he refuted the Pharisees). It is possible, even likely, that God gave us the gifts of intelligence, curiosity, reason, and the capacity for logic so that each of us would find genuine faith and not accept the pale, man-made imitation of faith that we call religion.

One can choose to blindly be lead by others. As for me, I choose to use my God-given gifts to question what has been handed to me by others before I swallow it whole out of fear or laziness or lack of confidence in my own divinity.

If there is a day of judgment and I stand before God to account for my life, at least I will be able to look him in the eye and say, “I may have been right, I may have been wrong, but at least I didn’t take the easy way out. If nothing else, I tried to find the real you.”


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4 Responses to “Does Religion Have It Backwards?”

  1. M. Patterson Says:

    “When people mindlessly delegate their spiritual belief system to the pages of an old book….” is where I stopped momentarily. Hmmm…it got tagged “Christianity” so I can guess who this baboon is referring to. So I’m mindless…did you expect me to read further? Hmmm…what…oh, you tried to find the real God. I see. Better to reject thousands of years of human experience, reinvent the wheel and discover in your puny lifetime all you need to know about God, because it’s not as though all of human history were built upon learning from the mistakes of others.

    Have you discovered fire yet, or are you going to learn it from the teachings of mere mortals?

    For that matter, why did I even bother to read the blog of a mere mortal?

  2. imabbb Says:

    M. Patterson – Let me answer your questions in the order you posted them. First, I have no idea if you are as mindless as you say. However, based on your comment, you may be. Yes, I did expect you to read further, and I guess you did, since you commented on the whole thing.

    Yes, I have tried to find the real God. Yes, it is better to reject thousands of years of human experience in order to do so, especially if the experience is from people who believe everything they read and hear.

    No, I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, I am trying to understand it. Do I think I will do it in my “puny” lifetime, as you put it? Who knows? And as far as history goes, based on what I see, humanity has learned nothing from history, except how to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Religion is one of those mistakes.

    I did discover fire, a long time ago. I did not learn it from mere mortals, as you say, but from the Boy Scouts. More recently, I have discovered that you seem to have a lot of anger built up. Watch how you treat others, especially heretics like me. It is behavior like yours that gives Christians a bad name. Thanks for making my case for me.

    And as for your last question, I know why you read my blog. Because deep down you know that your Bible and your religion are not perfect. You have doubts, even though you are unwilling to admit it consciously. There are inconsistencies you have noticed that nobody can explain. Am I right?

    Let me stress that there is only one true source for information on God, and that is from God himself. You’re right, I am a mortal, but then so is your preacher and so were the people who wrote and edited the Bible. I don’t want you to delegate your obligation to seek God to anyone, me included.

    Do you want to know if what I am saying is true? Then ask God directly. Ask God to reveal himself to you and trust in what he teaches you. That is what I do.

  3. chris1234 Says:

    imabbb You’re right on point. Literally everything you said is what I know to be true. I’ve spent a long time thinking about this and have found myself surrounded with the people you describe. They would follow man blindly rather than set out to find the real God. I’ve been getting the feeling I’m the only one who believes this so its awesome to see I’m not. People fear God and the possibility of going to hell so they turn to what they can see (the bible). They see it like a ticket that says ‘think this way or else you’re not getting in’ then go about cutting down any opposing views. I’ll stop ranting now haha. Its seriously good to see I’m not alone though and God bless you, though I can tell he already has.

  4. imabbb Says:

    Thank you for your kind words Chris. I started my search for God in Christianity, so I know the good that religion can do. I also know about the dogma and intolerance many Christians exhibit, but not all of them are mindless. Many are seekers like me, and just happened to start their journey in that arena.

    I think all Christians notice discrepancies in their religion sooner or later. Those with enough spiritual integrity eventually question their faith and begin to seek the real God.

    The more you think you know the “real” truth and the more you “cut down” other people’s religious opinions, the more you need to open up your own mind. Intolerance is one of religion’s greatest and most harmful sins.

    Now look who’s ranting…

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