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What God Is Not

April 26, 2008

Perhaps before I get into any discussion of what God is, I should clearly define what I believe God is not.

One thing I am pretty sure of is that God is not Christian. Nor is God Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Confucian, Jewish, Taoist or a member of any other religion. It seems to me that you cannot limit God like that. Besides, most religions claim to have the only true path to God. They cannot all be right. If there really is only one true path, then at most only one can be right, but it is more likely that they are all wrong.

Another thing I’m pretty sure of is that God is not a megalomaniac. She is not interested in your worship. Someone great enough to create the universe would not need to be put on a pedestal and adored. Such a desire would imply that God is immature and shallow. Why would anyone respect such a god?

Did I refer to God as a she in the previous paragraph? Yes I did. If God created us as males and females, then he must possess the attributes of both. In my opinion, God is not just male or female.

There is one last thing I want to mention that I believe God is not. God is not a judge. God did not create us just to put us in imminent danger of eternal damnation. If there is a literal hell, it is a place that we put ourselves. God will not condemn you if you do not believe in her. She might be a little disappointed, perhaps hurt, maybe even confused, but angry? You were created with the capacity for non-belief, so why would God be angry if you failed to believe?

The more we discover about this universe, the more we find that it makes sense. Things work together in an intricate web that creates and supports life. Why would we think that the mind that created such an orderly world would be anything but orderly? If there is anything disorderly in the world it is us, not Nature. Nature makes sense, so I think God does too.

If God makes sense then we have a responsibility to think about God and use the minds he gave us as spiritual bullshit detectors. If someone tells you something about God and it sounds wrong, it probably is! If you read something about God in an old book and it doesn’t make sense, think about it before you swallow it whole.

I believe one reason God created us was for companionship. Assuming you think of God as a friend, why would you accept second-hand interpretations concerning her when you can go right to the source? A sermon is second-hand. The Bible is also second-hand.

On the other hand, the knowledge of God that one receives through prayer and personal experience is first-hand. First-hand knowledge can always be relied upon with greater confidence than second-hand knowledge, which is really nothing more than hearsay.



Just a Little Snip Snip

April 24, 2008

The subject of vasectomy has been coming up a lot in my life lately.

You see, my girlfriend Kathy and I live together in a happy relationship. She takes a daily birth control pill to prevent pregnancy because we are both theoretically fertile (although we are both in our mid-forties) and neither of us wants a baby in the house. This solution has worked since we met and fell in love a couple of years ago. Lately we’ve been thinking that all those artificial chemicals running through her body can’t be good for her. On top of that the pills are kind of expensive.

And all of it could be avoided with two tiny little snips.

The surgery is tiny, yes, but the effect is more permanent than that of her little white pills. Am I ready to eliminate any chance I have to pass on my genetic code to a new generation?

This is not an easy decision for me. I was adopted as an infant and although I am registered in my birth state, I have no idea of who my birth parents are and so any knowledge of my ancestry is lost to me. Interestingly, I also have never had children of my own, although I helped raise my ex-wife’s brood. If I have a vasectomy, I will never have any descendents of my own. In a way, this sort of isolates me genetically and makes me a sort of blip on the silver screen of human history. No ancestors, no offspring, my genetic code on the cutting room floor.

Snip, snip.

Questions for God

April 16, 2008

Imagine you have just been hit by a bus or something and you are standing there in Heaven and God says, “Welcome into my presence, beloved child. You may ask me one question, any question, and I will answer it.”

What would the question be?

In my previous post, I asked for help to start a new religion. Ok, maybe I really don’t want to start a new religion, but I do really want to wear one of those crazy Pope hats though… Actually, what I want to do is to develop a list of questions that people would ask God if they were standing right in front of him.

Step 1: Develop a list of questions for God with help from my readers.

Step 2: Post the questions so the blog community can comment on them.

Step 3: Spend the rest of my life agonizing while I try to figure out what it all means.

What a plan!

Post your questions to God here.

Help Me Start a New Religion

April 15, 2008

I want to start a new religion and I need your help. Religion in its current form has failed and proven itself false. We need a fresh perspective, one that serves reason as well as emotion – a holistic faith that allows for the sacredness of personal experience as well as the power of shared group vision. Sound good? At the end of this post I’ll let you know what you can do.

On a broad scale, popular religions like Christianity and Islam have mainly served to divide us with the bloody blade of intolerance. Millions of dead, entire cities and towns full of innocent people slain in the name of God or Allah or whoever. That bloody blade’s given name is Love, but that is just to cover up what religion really is: an instrument to control and exercise power over the masses.

The Church’s hidden agenda has lain just under the skin of humanity, festering for centuries until today the sickness of the monster has surfaced and lies exposed for all to see. While people starve for physical and spiritual nourishment, the Pope lives in splendor in a guarded palace, his fount of power wasted trying to conceal the decadence of the Church.

Religion has become diseased and people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with doctrine that just doesn’t make sense. Dogma – the idea that one should believe something or do something just because it is the expected norm and not because of any logical reason – is becoming unacceptable because people are asking questions, questions the Bible and the Koran are unable to answer without relying on dogma. “That’s what it says in the Bible” is no longer enough to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated curiosity of modern thinkers.

So, what are these questions and what are the answers? Well, I was hoping you would know. Maybe we can figure it out together as we create the new religion, actually more a kind of anti-religion.

Want to help? Send me your religious and spiritual questions, especially the ones that religion has failed to answer. Post them here as comments and I will repost them for discussion by the community. Once we reach a consensus, the new religion will be born and then who knows? I always wanted to wear one of those crazy Pope hats.