The Purpose of Life

Assuming God created us, why did he decide to put us here in the material world? Assuming God exists in a spiritual realm, why even create a physical world at all?

The reason may have something to do with the definition of eternity and the intrinsic characteristics of time.

There are two conflicting definitions of eternity. One says that eternity is the endless passage of time, a state in which there is time without end. The other says that eternity is the absence of time altogether, a state in which time does not exist.

Why is this important? For two reasons:

First, because time inevitably produces change. If God is unchanging, he must exist in the absence of time. The only way something can never change is if it exists in an eternal present, with no past and no future.

The second reason this is important is because time is necessary for change to occur. If people have free will, we must exist in time so that we can experience the results of our choices. We must have not only a present, but a past and a future as well, so that we can change from what we were into what we will become.

My belief is that we are the creations of an unchanging God and given free will to choose to accept him or not. Because he exists in an eternity in which time does not exist, he created a universe in which time does exist, separate from his own, a place where people can evolve into perfect spiritual beings.

We are first created in the unchanging spiritual realm, are then born into the physical world to live a life which is really just a series of choices, we enjoy or suffer the consequences of those choices, we grow or decay as spiritual beings, and then finally we return to the spiritual realm where we choose whether or not to do it again, over and over until we finally perfect ourselves and become fully-functioning members of God’s family.

Therefore the purpose of life is change.

NOTE: This is a repost of my very first blog entry and it got no comments so I thought that I would offer it up again now that traffic to this blog has increased.


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10 Responses to “The Purpose of Life”

  1. lostcaykes Says:

    I like the way you think, the purpose of life being change.

    I only wish that everyone else viewed it the same. So many people are afraid of change, afraid of becoming something better because its too much of a risk.

    Haha, only if they could be less blind, and see things the way you do.

  2. loopyloo350 Says:

    We are the weeds thrown in the mix, the jokers in the pack, the imperfections that are needed to stimulate the new. We are those not forgotten, but changing constantly. We are the change for the changeless. We are God’s bane and God’s joy. We are all God’s children. Our purpose is to create and bring light.

  3. imabbb Says:

    lostcaykes – Well, thank you for that, but I may be the lost one here, who knows? It does make sense to me though. They say that the only constant in life is change. If that is true, then it must be important.

    If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them forever.

    loopyloo350 – If the purpose of life is change, perhaps the purpose of imperfection is to allow for infinite variation, or as you say, to stimulate the new.

    Perhaps chaos isn’t a bad thing, because it is only in chaos that all things are possible.

  4. sulochanosho Says:

    The only eternal feature of the existence is ‘change’! Cling not, chain not, chase not for we can never do that.

  5. imabbb Says:

    Cling not, for clinging is the result of fear. Fear of loss, fear of what is to come. If the meaning of life is change, then the willingness to let go allows one to progress to the next stage of development.

    There once was a frog who clung to a rock in a fast-moving stream. He was thrashed about wildly as the water rushed past him and yet he was afraid to let go. Bruised and beaten, one day his strength failed and he lost his grip on the rock. He was carried downstream to a quiet pond filled with lilypads and buzzing with food. As he climbed up onto the shore, the frog noticed how nice it was and he wondered why he had held on to the rock for so long.

    Chain not, for chaining is also the result of fear. To chain is to attempt to control what we do not own.

    If you love something set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it was never yours to begin with.

    Chase not, for you might catch the thing you pursue. Chasing is the result of pride, thinking one knows what is best. In practice, the best things in life come while we are not looking. A door opens and we walk through it. Our task is to walk through the door. Seldom, if ever, does pounding upon a door and breaking it down result in peace or lasting fulfillment.

    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

    Awesome post, sulochanosho.

  6. loopyloo350 Says:

    this is so good. appreciate the enlightenment today.

  7. baptizedbyice Says:

    this is great.

  8. imabbb Says:

    Thanks for the kudos, but let me explain. I believe inspiration comes from God and moves through humanity like a wave. It strikes each of us at roughly the same time but some of us don’t perceive it for a variety of reasons. Maybe we’re too busy at that moment, too stressed, too distracted. Hey, not every surfer catches every wave.

    As it moves through those who are ready and willing to receive it, the wave of inspiration is filtered through the talents and interests of each recipient. Dancers dance it. Musicians play it. Artists paint it. Philosophers think it, and yes, writers write it.

    It was a powerful wave that hit me the day I wrote that. I wonder what else it inspired. I wonder what some of you were dancing, playing, painting, thinking and writing that day. Just look at some of the great comments made on this page in the last week. If you like these, you should see some of the other comments left by inspired readers in response to other posts in this blog.

    You all amaze me sometimes. Thanks for your input.

  9. Is Evil Necessary for Good to Exist? « the babbling baboon Says:

    […] The second case, although more plausible, violates the concept of reason. Why would a creator god create its own nemesis? The only reason I can think of is that in order to give us free will, God had to create something besides good from which to choose. If there is only one choice, free will has no meaning. This has some validity, especially if you believe that the purpose of life is change. […]

  10. lydia2007 Says:

    I love the story about the frog.

    And I love where you took “the wave”. I was looking for words the other day to describe that very thing; but was at a loss.

    When that “wave” hits – we each hear it, feel it, and express it in our own way.

    Great stuff!

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