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God is not a Megalomaniac

November 23, 2007

Why were we created? Why is anything created? Usually to serve some purpose of the creator. The creation may solve a problem or meet a need, or perhaps just bring pleasure to the one doing the creating. There is an old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Haven’t we all seen examples of this?

Bearing children is a form of creation that, in an ideal situation, meets fundamental needs in the hearts of the parents; the need to nurture, the need to be needed, the need for the comfort and security of a family, the need for companionship. Most people at some time in their lives feel the instinctual desire to procreate and ultimately take the steps necessary to become a parent. If we were created in the image of God, why would it be any different for him?

Perhaps the reasons we were created are the same for God as for any man or woman wanting to become a parent. Is it so hard to imagine God wanting someone to nurture, someone to satisfy the need to be needed? Of desiring a family to provide companionship?

Where did we ever get the idea that God created us to worship him? What kind of parent wants children who spend their lives bowing down and praising their name on bended knees, hands in the air, singing songs of adoration in endless repetition?

Those who do not suffer from megalomania would probably find such behavior uncomfortable and would quickly become annoyed. Most parents would demand that the child stand up, drop their hands, stop the mindless worship and try to relate on a more adult level.

God is not a megalomaniac and he does not want your mindless worship.

God wants to nurture you, to be there when needed and help you grow into someone who can be a part of his family. He wants to help you become capable of providing companionship on a more meaningful level.

Ultimately, I believe God wants you to grow to the point where you are a fully functional being, able to relate to him as a peer. Isn’t that the goal of any parent?